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What Career Did You Have Planned as A Child ?

Well when I was about 8 I wanted to be a vampire – no joke! – then a model, then a princess. Then I grew up and realised I couldn’t be any of those ( totally gutted about the whole not being a vampire thing I can tell you) so decieded I wanted to be a Vet – then in high school I realised I would struggle to get the grades for that so downgraded to a Vet Nurse.

Around S4 – S5 I applied to two places one for Vet Nursing and one for regular nursing – and I got accepted into to both so I had to made  decision. I eventually chose Nursing and off I went to Uni, but I did not complete my course and so for the last 10 years I have been doing office work = which I love but then had kids and been a stay a home mum since my oldest who is now 7 years owas only 3 years.

Would I go back and change it – no as I wouldnt have my kids or partner, and to be honest the nursing – my heart wasn’t really in.



So HexMum a blog I have just discovered, has some prompts for #blogtober16 and I am going to play along (or rather catch up) Check out her site by clicking the button below:




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