#blogtober16 One thing I cant live without


One thing I cant live without…

Only one thing?

Thats really hard to just to chose one thing, and I suppose I should say my kids, or my family or my phone since I am permanently attached to it.

But no, I am not going to say any of those things – I am going to go for the Internet. It is actually quite scary how reliant I have become having the internet for everything – communicating with friends, directions, reading even food shopping!

I really need to have an unplugged day and cut back on my internet usage, but the thought brings me out in cold sweats – maybe I should set that as a challenge for myself in November on have internet for 1 or 2 hours at the end of the day….

Ohhh that could be hard….



So HexMum a blog I have just discovered, has some prompts for #blogtober16 and I am going to play along (or rather catch up) Check out her site by clicking the button below:




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