Super Savvy Ways To Save Space In The Boudoir


Super Savvy Ways To Save Space In The Boudoir




A lack of space is one of the most stressful parts of owning a home. Whether it’s a kitchen or the living room, there is nothing worse than feeling suffocated in your home. Scratch that – there is if it’s in the bedroom. Now, no one needs to be able to swing a cat, but the boudoir does need a certain amount of room. After all, there is more to than a place to rest your weary head. Plus, it’s important to think about the design impact, too. With that in mind, Feeisms (me) has decided to throw some storage tips together to help. Enjoy!


Rolling Bins & Boxes

You can just buy a chest of drawers and throw as many clothes in as possible, yet it adds more problems than it solves. Most bedroom storage solutions are bulky, and that means they take up even more space. So, the trick is to incorporate solutions which are inconspicuous and practical at the same time. Rolling bins, then, are the answer. Because they are small, they are easy to fit under the bed and keep out of the way. And, as most beds are long, there is enough room to fit several, so there’s plenty of storage space.


Add Wall Shelves

When there is no more space to exploit, it’s time to turn to wall shelves. The reason for this is that they don’t utilise space in the same way. For starters, a wall is a great, low-tech place to store things if it is a viable option. Plus, shelves also take up hard to reach and narrow spaces. There isn’t much point in trying to hang clothes on them because that isn’t their primary focus. But, any object like books and electronics are more than welcome. That way, more space frees up elsewhere for other things that won’t fit on the shelf.


Double Down

The idea of a small bed won’t appeal to you because you want a double bed. And, you should have one because you’re not a child any longer. Still, there is no need for a California king sized mattress when space is at a premium. Instead, you want to check out the small double range at John Ryan by Design. This mattress still has enough room for you and your partner, but it isn’t as long or as wide. Hopefully, this small change should create more walkway space around the bed and the other fittings.


Extend Outwards

If none of the above seem like good options, there is always an extension. Of course, you will need a decent budget as well as planning permission and a quality builder. However, if there is space, there is no reason to extend your bedroom. It may not be the simplest solution, but it’s the only one which adds to the surface area as the others are space saving options. If you’re looking to add more, this is as good an option as the others at your disposal.


By the way, extending outwards is usually the best option as it doesn’t take space away from the rest of the house.


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