Hello June!

June, it’s June already, like seriously it just feels like the year is flying by. Hmm pretty sure I say this every month? but honestly it’s true.

In a few weeks school is out for the summer for 7 whole very long weeks actually I think this year’s closer to 8 weeks off… Either way it’s a long ass time to entertain the kids constantly! God help me!

Our summer vacation looks to be on hold as we were supposed to be heading to the Philippines for 16 days but there has been some trouble there, caused by some fucking coward scum who I shall not name as I don’t want to give them the publicity but sure if you Google it then you will know…

It kills me to think that a holiday of a lifetime for us and the kids is just slipping away. We are going to monitor the situation and see as we have over a month before we fly out, it may all calm down, it may get worse who knows.! 

Either way it doesn’t matter if we are here or there, after what happened last week at the Manchester arena just shows that no where is safe from the scum, but it’s a risk you now have to take on a daily basis. It if was just me and Lee going I would still ago and risk it and don’t want to live my life in fear of these bastards, but to risk my three kids, uh huh no way!

So what’s in store for June?
✓ Well Max has a few days of morning nursery time in preparation for starting primary 1 in August.
✓ should be getting last minute holiday shopping and cases packed 
Goals for June:
1. Huel
We just started taking huel food supplements in order to help lose weight, we have just been messing with it taking g one here and there but I am going for 100% when our new batch arrives next week. I am eating too much crap and I had a really bad time a few weeks ago where my tummy was cramping something chronic and I couldn’t eat for a week without cramping up. So I have decided enough is enough.
2. Eat more fruit.
I don’t eat nearly enough fruit but instead of crisps a mind crap I am going to reach for fruit instead.  Will also help with the weight loss.
3. Yoga at home.
I have started going to yoga classes and I am loving it, not only is it giving me some much needed me time but it is helping my mood, and sleep.
Just need to do it more than once a week.
So what are your goals for June 


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