Saturday Night

Howdy y’all! … … … Ok no idea why I went all cowboy there….

I have been drinking beer – Peroni to be exact, and it’s not my usual tipple that y explain my weird mood.


This is how I am spending my Saturday night, bottle of beer and doing book reviews. Also had a curry then watched X-factor. Woo so rock and roll.

Pretty boring night, but what did you expect me to be doing with three kids 🙂

Speaking of the kidlets, Max is being a royal pain. The terrible twos starting already…. God help us! It’s 10:30pm here and that is him only just falling asleep, beside me on the couch no less. We can’t for the life of us get him to sleep in his own bed. He maybe sleeps through in it once a month if that – the rest he will be there for a few hours then toddle through to us at god knows what time… Not good for us like, I can tell you 😉

Anyway, so far I am managing to post every day – go me! Let’s keep this momentum going.

Now that I hear Maxi snoring, I am goinf to out him to bed and prey he sleeps for hours lol

Night <3


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