Dyeing to change

One of my goals for this month is to do my hair, and I really want to so something wacky again. But I am not sure what….

Currently my hair is brown – the most boring colour I have ever been, and boy do I have a ton of grey hair! That’s what three kids will do you eh? Lol

My hair length is to my waist, but it is so fine, it wouldn’t cut it maybe just get it trimmed and I would kill for thick hair!

Colour wise I am looking at going possibly red with black ombre at the bottom or a kinda plum/purple colour.

Source: pinterest
This is what I am thinking of for the black and red, but the colour switched so the black is on the bottom. That way when it comes to doing my roots only the black won’t need to be touched at the bottom.

Or there is this kinda colour:
Source: Pinterest

Maybe not at purple as this maybe slightly darker. I am torn as part of me feels I am too old to be doing stuff like this with my hair, but another part of me thinks fuck it! It’s my hair and I will do what I want …

Watch this space, and once I did out how much it is going to cost I will be getting it done 🙂 I am looking to go to the local college and have the level 2/3 students let loose on it – gives them experience and saves me about £100!

What do you think I should get done? Or do you have another colour suggestion? 🙂


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