Saturday musings

So I actually had a long lie in today and didn’t get up until about 9:30 am, I had a shit sleep for some reason and I have no idea why, Lucy wasn’t up much through the night in fact I think it was close to 5 am when she shouted for me.
I have been feeling tired all day and it has been reflecting on my mood which I have been trying my hardest not to though the darkness was creeping through. I was going to go over to mum’s house but i text her and said writing just go tomorrow instead,.


I am using these water bottles that I bought yesterday when out shopping with mum. They are 700ml bottles and I filled both of them up last night and put them in the fridge. I am trying to cut out the juice and sugar and increase my water intake and what better way than these bottles. There is a cool one that I want to get but the postage is pretty expensive and these are just as effective so why spend a fortune when this pack cost me £1.99!!


I also weighed myself myself for the first time in got knows how long, it shows the first time I used this app as being April 2015! I have logged in since then but it was close to 6 months ago at least. I knew I was putting on weight and I have always been about the 65kg mark but seeing that I had put on 6kg got me a little down, hence upping my water intake to try break the sugar habit. If I can crack the sugar then I can work on my food – I dont want to go cold turkey on everything at the same time. So far today I have had 3 of my 700 ml bottles of water which I think puts me at about 10 glasses of water, it certainly made me feel better and less hungry, cant say it made me go to the toilet too much today so I guess I have been dehydreated more than I thought with regards to water.

Around 3pm I had a nap with Lucy whilst the boys played in the living room, I think I got an hours sleep which made me feel kinda worse and it was dinner time when I woke up and I couldnt be bothered cooking, Lee was out until about 8:30pm so we were fending for ourselves. I got the kids siege and i had a shin cup, it was good i haven’t had one in a while as Lee tends to get them before me!

The day has just felt epically long, that by the time he got home i just wanted to crash and sleep. We had planned to watch the new Poltergeist movie on netflix but i just want to go to bed.


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