Review: The Angry Birds Movie

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As it was Jack’s birthday we decided instead of a party we would do a wee cinema play date but his wee friend wasn’t well so we all decided to go today = all of us as in Lucy and the boys!
It was her first time going and our first time as a whole family!
The birthday boy got dibs on what to see and he chose Angry Birds.

I am guessing you will have had hears of Angry Birds if you haven’t played the games the premise is the birds are Angry that the Piggies have stolen their eggs and try to get them back.

Jack has played every single game there is, so I was kinds curious how they were going to incorporate the game mechanics into a movie.


The movie centres around Red Bird – who is late for a hatching party and subsequently ends up in Anger Management classes after losing his temper and causing the egg to hatch early. The class is run by t by Matilda and we meet Chuck, Bomb, and Terence who are also students in the class.

One day a boat arrives to the island, wrecking Red’s house when it runs aground. On board are green Piggies who are lead by Leonard and they claim to be peaceful explorers and they are excepted by the Birds.

Red becomes suspicious and rightly so when he discovers that the pigs are stealing the eggs whilst Leonard is distracting everyone with a party. The pig escape with the eggs and after blown up half of Bird island, Red gets them togheter and they build a boat to take them to Pig Island.

This is where the game mechanics come into play – Pig island is set up like the building towers in the game and the birds have devised a sling shot that they use to get in to the city and near the castle, where Leonard has the eggs.

That part was actually quite fun and you saw the birds abilities come into play – though the last half hour of the movie was the best part.


The kids will love it, especially if they love the games. I felt it was too long but that is just me – but the build up of the story and the game mechanics to film were done brilliantly – I am just getting to old to sit though long cartoons lol

I am giving it a 4 stars, as ok I admit it I did rather enjoy it.


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