[Review] Amzdeal® Waterproof Easy Folding Pet Car Seat Carrier


Amzdeal® Waterproof Easy Folding Pet Car Seat Carrier


**For the purpose of this review pleas note my car is a Honda Jazz**
I love the concept and the idea behind this car seat, and I purchased this as we are taking the family dog out more in the car for day trips rather than leave her at home, and I was looking for something that would not only protect my car seats but hold the dog at the same time.

This comes with no instructions what so ever – which is rather worrying. I had to fiddle about with it for quite some time before I figured out what to do with the straps. The carrier itself arrived flat and you simply zip the sides to make it into a cube shape – that was easy enough.

There are three straps
* one on the top with a buckle clip that I guessed went around the headrest
* one inside the carrier with a clip which again I guessed would clip to the collar or harness on your dog
* and the last strap had clips on each end and was not attached to anything.

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Upon looking at the carrier there were D hooks on the inside of the front section of the cube – I attached the strap then immediately didn’t know what to do with it = it turns out that you also put this around the headrest!
This strap is adjustable but also gets in the way and our dog did not like it going over her head.

I feel there should be more ways to secure is to your car seat – for example a strap that goes about the body of the car seat not just the head rest and possible one that can secure the bottom.



* Compact – easy to fold down and remove
* Waterproof

* The first headrest strap is also adjustable but not long enough – I had it fully adjusted and the carrier still was not flush with my car eat, which I was concerned about
* The inner strap I feel could have been doing with being adjustable as it was so long my dog could climb over on my seat when I was driving!
* Lack of instructions are a little concerning

3 stars

**I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This does not alter my opinion in anyway**


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