Review #SkendaKnives SKENDA 12Pc Kitchen Knives



*I received this product from the vendor in exchange for my honest review. This post may contain affiliate links*


I have never been so excited to review something as simple as a knives set, however they are no ordinary knives set. These are a 12piece multi-coloured set that is enough to bring colour to even the dullest of kitchens. I have actually wanted a set of these coloured knives for the longest time, so when I was approached to review theses I jumped at the chance. 


The set comprises of:

8″ Grey Chef Knife with Sheath 
7″ Yellow Santoku Knife with Sheath 
8″ Red Bread Knife with Sheath 
8″ Orange Carving Knife with Sheath 
5″ Lime Utility Knife with Sheath 
3.5″ Turquoise Paring Knife with Sheath


Now when I ordered it, it says it is a 12 pc but in actual fact it is 6 knives and 6 sheaths – However, these knives are super sharp and the sheaths provide excellent protection from the blades when they are being stored as well as protecting them from getting blunt at the same time. The knives themselves are made from, I guess stainless steel, but it does not state that they are. The have a non stick finish and are antibacterial.

When I first used them I felt they were a little flimsy but once I got used to them they are actually perfect and can cut through anything I threw at them. I tested each blade on apples and potatoes and I can say these knives are very sharp and with them being non stick they just glide through what you are chopping.

They are ergonomically designed and the handles are made of plastic, I would have preferred the comfort of them having a rubber grip handle, but that is just personal preference but they felt comfortable to hold.



You can get your colourful set from Amazon


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