[Review] Htechy VR Virtual Reality 3D Video Movie Game Glasses

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Htechy VR Virtual Reality 3D Video Movie Game Glasses

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This is my first experience with a VR headset and I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality.
This arrived in a simple white box with VR Case on the front. Inside is the headset and a little instruction leaflet.


First thing I noticed was how weighty it was, and bulky and I was worried it would feel uncomfortable on my head. However that being said it was actually really comfortable to wear and you didn’t notice the weight once you got used to it being on.

The VR case can accommodated and adjust to mobile phone sizes of 4 – 6 inches. For testing purposes I used my HTC M8 and it fit perfectly. You are provided with little foam buffers that you fit around the casing to ensure and even snug fit for your phone, you have to place these on the case yourself depending on where you phone buttons are.


The headband is easily adjustable with velcro straps and also the lenses are adjustable. The padding around the eyes and case self is really thick and makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, the foam padding help to reduce the pressure on the face, eyes and nose.

Overall I am really impressed with the quality and comfort of this VR case, I have knocked one star off as looking at the product photos it look like you get a cleaning set and a remote control but you don’t actually receive those with this model. ( might be a good idea to remove that photo I think) I feel this case would have benefited from a remote as you are limited to what apps you can download that don’t require a remote and also you cant access the phones buttons or screen.

* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *


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