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I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer at home and currently use one of my dinning table chairs. It is not the comfiest of chairs to sit for long periods at the computer I can tell you. Also I get a lot of lower back pain which isn’t helped with the seating situation,
I have been using this cushion every day and hour since I received it and I can honestly say that I notice a huge difference. The Cush is so comfy!

The Cush arrived next day and wrapped plastic you are met with a cardboard leaflet with some humour to it “Cush cushion, meet your new friend’s butt. New friend’d butt, meet your Cush cushion” This certainly is my new best friend.


It is made from non-toxic memory foam material, and the underneath side is some sort of anti slip material and it definitely does not slip – I am using a leather chair and it does not budge once inch when I need to get up. The memory foam moulds to you bum and yes it does flatten when you are sitting on it, but it soon springs back into shape. There is a little cut out section which suspends the tail bone and eases pressure on your spine. Now I have seen several review photos and the cushions are the wrong way round – I think better instructions on the leaflet would be advisable as it is seems like not everyone read it. The cut out section goes to the BACK of the chair and the Cush wording to the front.

The cover is removable making it easy to keep clean – it is advised to hand wash or machine wash in cold water and then let it air dry.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Cush Cushion and I honestly cant do without it now!

** I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review **


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