May the 4th be with you all that jazz

Every social media feed is filled with Star Memes today. Urgh I don’t mind it really I don’t, just every single person is posting.

I realise I am a hypocrite as I posted a Scentsy style cover photo onto my Facebook business page… lol


Any how since it is May I am going to try and blog everyday – chances are that this post is a backdated one so Hi from the future!

On Sunday I went to Costco with mum out Edinburgh way – I have only really been to the Glasgow one but since mum is closer to Edin it made sense. IT was laid out differently and I don’t feel it was a good as the Glasgow, however it didn’t stop me from spending just over £80!

I only had Max an Lucy with me as well because Jack decided he wanted to stay at home and play his game – which in all fairness worked out great as he is getting a pain to go shopping with.

Anyway we decided that we would give the meat and chicken a try – as it really doesn’t work out all that more expensive to buy from the supermarket. I picked up a tray of 9 chicken breasts and a tray of 24 boneless thighs for just under £28!! Not to get the same in the supermarket at the same weight we would be looking at £30-£35!! We tried the thighs on Monday and the taste and quality was immediately obvious to the supermarket stuff. I managed to get 11 meals out of all that chicken so it is well worth it. I think I will make another trip and stock up the freezer – we are going to try the mince next as now I have the idea of the price it works out cheaper yet again! And not only that it looks better, so I can only imagine that it will taste better!

Also picked up more bargains 32 slices of ham for £4.99( we normally get 10/12 sliced for £4!) 40 toilet roll for £10 and 24 pot noddles for £11!

Yeah I am loving Costco! Can’t wait to go back lol


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