Review Car Window Sunshades with UV Protection by FAST MILE


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I am so glad that I got the opportunity to review this product as I am very impressed.

This is a universal sun shade that slides over you car door. It’s nifty as it allows you have the window open as well as being shaded from the sun! It’s genius!

I have three children and my oldest is 6 years and I have lost count of how many sun shades with the little suckers that I have been through over the years, as they just got ripped off the windows. I seriously wish this had been available 6 years ago!

These cover the WHOLE window so you are guaranteed to get the best shade protection. How many times have you stuck two shades to the window only to have the sun creep in for the one part not covered?

Yeah you won’t have that problem with this shade!

It is super easy to use, it is made from a soft mesh like fabric with an elastic bottom that you just slide over you car door. Now I was worried that the car door wouldn’t shut properly, but it shut no problem, it isn’t bulky on the door frame at all.

Added bonus is that they are machine washable which is brilliant as I was wondering how to clean it as I can imagine in the summer if would get dirty on the outside. I removed them when I got home for our day trips, I don’t think you need to keep them on all the time. I guess you could of you wanted to but they under a min each to put on and off.

The weather in Scotland isn’t that great now so I haven’t used the shades a great deal, but these will definitely be getting major use druring the summer months.

I would recommend this to anyone with kids, The pack comes with two shades – one for each rear window – and a little information leaflet.

You can get the shades from Amazon onn sale for £8.89


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