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No firstly let me say I am not currently pregnant –  but I got this to review and I have passed this on to a friend who is expecting.

I have heard of a lot of people who have tried hypnobirthing and it working for them and after listening to it I found it to be very useful and wish I had, had something like this for my three pregnancies – however all mine were c-sections. 


The program consists of five tracks:
1. Track 1 is a pre-talk about hypnosis and your mind you will learn about hypnosis and how it will work for you.
2. Track 2 is the first session of your painless childbirthing audio program.
3. Track 3 is a deepening program that is to be listened to daily, and is explained in the first session.
4. Track 4 is your second session of the painless child birthing audio program.
5. Track five is your third session of the painless childbirthing audio program.

I found the man’s voice to be very soothing and easy to listen to as well as hypnotic! Whilst it got me into a relaxed state, I obviousluy cant comment on how well this would do in a painfree childbirth, I have passed this on my friend who is willing to try it for me and will let me know what she thinks. 

This is designed to be started from early on in your pregnancy to get your body attuned to the meditative state you will be able to get into when in labour.

On the whole if I were ever in the position of being pregnant again – though after three I think not 🙁 – I think this would be great for me to relax during the pregnancy as I do tend to get highly strung when pregnant.




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