Meal Planning Monday #2 w/c 7/7/14

meatfreemealplangraphicThis week is not going to be my usual meal plan, this week I am actually going to see through my goal of eating no meat for a week. I will still prepare the meals for the rest of the family, I just wont be having any.

Its going to be tough, but I want to see how I go with it as it is something I want to do in the long run which is phase out meat. Recently we have introduced fish into our diet and the kids love it as it has hidden veg and eggs ( see my Quick and Easy Fish Pie recipe)



Monday: Tomatoes & sweet pepper risotto (pkt from Aldi)

Tuesday: fish pie

Wednesday:Mushroom melts with chips

Thursdaycheese omlet

Fridaysalad with hard boiled eggs, baby tomatoes and chips



Saturday and Sunday will be a free for all of what is left salad wise also have some mozzarella and chili things in the freezer that I will try.

Lets see how I go, after 1 day I am already missing meat lol, but then it take 21 days to become and change a habit.

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