Insanity wk 2 day 2

O. M. G

Today was pure cardio day, the day I dreaded last week, but at least I knew what to expect this time around.
And I also pushed myself, to the point that the sweat is running down my face, even yet as I am cooling down…

I always feel at the end of the workout that I could have pushed harder, I guess that it’s true what they say – you need to train your mind – but during, oh my I just feel like I am dying lol


Mentally I have reached the point where my brain is telling me it can’t be bothers doing this anymore, that I should just sit in the couch and do nothing, but today I rolled down the waist band of my leggings and pants and looked at my stomach and was disgusted with what I saw when I was jiggling about 🙁

My brain will not win this fight! No matter what time it is I must make the effort to do that days workout – I am fed up being a quitter at exercise.

It’s certainly changing my perspective on things 🙂


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