Hello June & Goals

We are now half way through the year! Half way guys! That gives me 6 months to prepare for Christmas and start planning what to get the kids.

But first this months GOALS.

Lets recap on last months shall we:-

Home Goals:
–> TeamTomm cleaning continuing along with this nicely
–> Declutter continuing along with this nicely
–> Paint the bloody kitchen! FINALLY DONE AND DUSTED!

Yes you read that I have finally painted the kitchen – only had the paint since what February?

So what is on the agenda for this month? Well the kids break up for Summer holidays on the 29th so I have a full month to get their room sorted whilst they are out the house all day at school – failing that it will be September again before I can tackle it without them getting in the way.

Goals for this month:

Home Goals:

—> Paint kids room
OK so the fiasco of painting the kitchen took months, but I would like to get their room freshened up for the summer. Looking to have a colour wall and the rest a cream- OK magnolia! I have a few wall decals for the boys wall at their bunkeds but possibly thinking about getting them new one so will wait and see before putting them on the wall

—> Tile the kitchen!
So it is freshly painted (blog post to come) but we are in desperate need to tile around the cooker and sink area so hope to get that done sometime this month

—> TeamTOMM & Declutter
Still keep on top of this – I am noticing a huge difference in this method. Its so simple and so effective. That and decluttering as I go I should have a pretty empty house come Xmas time!

Health & Wellbeing

—> Walk more
The nice weather should hopefully be around the corner and I hope to walk the kids to and from school. I walked the other week when it was nice and noticed a huge difference in my mental health.

—> Self-medicate for better mental health
I have been medication free since Oct when my dad passed away, through my own choice, and I reckon the pills are now finally out my system. I am going to look in to way to self-medicate for depression and anxiety.

Online Goals

> Blog more!
self explanatory

—> Increase Social Media
Aim to post on IG FB 3 times a week at least….


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