Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Brithday to me!
Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Yeah so I am another year older, another year closer to the big 4-0 and still not any wiser!

I had a pretty relaxing and boring birthday, it started with a kinda lie in, followed by presents and breakfast in bed, then hubby did the school run I tried to work but got told off so I basically had nothing to do all day.

Anyhoooo here is what I got this year

  • Breakfast Tray – totally loving this by the way!
  • Sloth mug and coaster
  • Sloth bowl
  • Sloth plate
  • Sloth socks
  • Dove smellies
  • Cath Kitson Cherry makup bag
  • Cath Kitson Cherry wallet
  • Sloth Calander for 2020
  • IT chapter 2 funko pop

I am totally in love with all my gifts this year, very unexpected and I can see the bamboo breakfast tray being used lots in the future when I (ever) get a chance to laze in bed all day.

Despite a good morning I think I am feeling down as I was thinking about dad yesterday (16th) as next month will be a year since he passed and some days I ‘forget’ and other days it hits me like a ton of bricks… so I think today I just needed that little bit extra…..

Mum was at the hospital for her infusion and hubby was working and the kids were are school – i think this was the first birthday when I didn’t really see anyone…. and for the first time I felt a little lonely. I had no birthday lunch, or dinner I had to ask the kids to sing happy birthday so they could have a cupcake….

So yeah just another day…… right?


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