Happy Birthday Lucy!


Miss Lucy Lou turned 2 years old today!
I ant believe how fast she is growing up and how much fun she is being recently. She is just so sassy sometimes and I don’t ever want bee to grow up from this stage, bit I know it’s only going to get more fun as the years go on!

I think she has had a great day, Nana Kate is staying this weekend so got to see her and of course seeing as it is her birthday she got spoiled with presents.

I got her mostly clothes and a talking moshi monster Poppet, since she got so many toys at Xmas just last months.

We just had a wee day at home, I had to take Jack to one of his friends from school birthday party for a few hours, then we just chilled at home afterwards. She is young enough yet to not really worry about the hubbub of what a birthday entails, though I am sure when she starts having parties and going to them it will be a different story!

I cant believe that the time is just flying by, this time next year she will be getting ready to start nursery!



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