Date night!

Wow tonight we actually had a date night, courtesy of Nana Kate who is visiting and offered to watch the kids to let us out!


It felt good to get dressed up and make an effort but at the same time I would have loved to just jumped in my bed with my jammies on lol

We have needed a night out for the longest time, I actually can’t remember the last time we were out without the kids, it may have been sometime when I was pregnant with Max I think, so going 4 years at least!


Yeah, full length bathroom shot! Sorry about that lol

We went out to a local Tandoori restaurant called the Sanam, and we were pretty luck to get a table seeing as it was almost 8pm on a Friday night. The guy managed to seat us and it was pretty busy, though I did notice not many people came in after us unless they were coming much later. I tried something different and ordered Chicken Boohna and Lee true to form go the Chicken Tika Tikka Masala 🙂 Now we frequent our local takeaway and the Tikka from there is pretty good but this tonight was AMAZING!! Oh my god it was so good an in a different league to our local. But then it is a sit in resturant you kinda hope it would be a little more than a takeaway.

I think it was about just after 9pm when we headed home!! For all it was only a few hours out it was good to relax and just talk. We really need to do this at least once a month – for our sakes more than anything else.

When we got home the kids were still up but it didn’t take them long to get to bed and then we stayed up and sorted out the banners and balloons for tomorrow and listened to music in the living room and now it is almost midnight so heading to bed as no doubt the kids will be up early for Lucy birthday tomorrow


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