Goals for September

So summer is finally over, the kids are finally back to school after what feels like and insanely long school holiday. It is finally time to get back into a nice routine again, not that we ever really had a strict solid routine to begin with.

Goals for this month:

Home Goals:

—> Paint kids room
OK so the fiasco of painting the kitchen took months, but I would like to get their room freshened up for the summer. Looking to have a colour wall and the rest a cream- OK magnolia! I have a few wall decals for the boys wall at their bunkeds but possibly thinking about getting them new one so will wait and see before putting them on the wall.

—> Paint the hall
Ok so if the bedrooom doesn’t get done I would love to freshen up the hallway, the whole place hasn’t been painted since it was built in 2006, and it really is starting to show now. The hall will be easy enough to do just the stairs that will be the problem….

—> TeamTOMM & Declutter
Still keep on top of this – I am noticing a huge difference in this method. Its so simple and so effective. That and decluttering as I go I should have a pretty empty house come Xmas time!

Health & Wellbeing

—> Walk more
Aiming to start walking with the kids to and from school, or at least walk in the afternoon for pick up time – also weather dependent. None of us do well with the rain

—> Self-care more
Something I don’t really do is self care. I am that busy taking care of everyone else that I don’t acutally stop and take the time to look after myself.

Online Goals

> Spend less time on Facebook
You know what it is like, you go on for a second and before you know it you are knee deep in an comment argument or constant videos that you have spent 5 hrs staring at the scree….

—> Schedule blog posts for the month
Aim to have a least one post a week prepped and ready to go


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