Goals For May 2020

May is here and it looks like most of it is going to spent still on lockdown!

The kids are still off school, and have been since the end of March and it doesn’t look they will be back until the new term starts. I have given up the ghost on trying to home school we are doing it in slightly sneaky ways.

So for May here is that I’m planning….

Mental health

—> Mindfulness
yeah not going to lie this lock down is not doing me favours so I really need to step up my self care and mindfulness. I have been doing daily journaling though so thats a plus I guess.

Life in General

—> Quarantine birthday for Jack
It doesn’t look like we will be able a have a birthday party for Jack that would involve his friends so I am going to have get creative and make as good a day as we can for him.

—> Switch to a whole food plant based diet
I have been pretty good on the whole eating vegan, but I have still relied heavily on processed meals and foods, but I feel I need to switch out the processed and concentrate more on whole foods. The trouble I have is I have no idea what to eat on a daily basis as it is so this will prove challenging for me.

What are your plans for this month?


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