#BEsociety July Challenge – Day 3


3. Piercings and tattoos? If none thoughts on them…

I love them and have several. I love tattooed people and always love to know the story behind their choice of ink.

For me I have 4 tattoos and want a heck of a lot more, just need to find the right design and placement.


#1 kanji for Love on my right ankle bone.
I got this when I was 18 years old. Young and stupid I got it after an argument with my boyfriend at the time. I chose this as it was small for my first tattoo and also because I believe in love.

#2 cherries!
The cherries I have are the ones that I used as my website logo way back when I first got my domain kinky-cherries. It is situated between my right hip and pubic bone, hidden by any underwear.

#3 sign for Virgo on the back of my neck.
Pretty self explanatory lol I am pretty much a true Virgo – though not quite so much a hypochondriac lol

#4 Celtic iris at the base of my spine.
I believe tattoos here are called tramp stamps in the USA! Lol anyway I got this 4 days after my first date with Lee, as it was already booked in. It hurt and was my most expensive one to date for me anyway (£90) but second to the cherries is my favorite as iris are my favorite flowers.

As for piercings I have both ears pierced twice, my tongue pierced which I got done whilst on holiday to California, USA my belly button and my retired piercings of both nipples – I would like to get them pierced again now that I am fairly certain I am not having any more kids or breastfeeding. I did have the top of my ear pierced but I took it out as it was sore. And for some reason I have wanted to get my nose done but never ever got round to getting it. Maybe add that to my bucket list 😉


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  • July 7, 2014 at 3:44 am

    I love your Celtic iris tattoo….and yes, it is called a tramp stamp here in the US, by some people, anyhow.

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