The Sunday Round Up #17

I am starting a wee weekly thing or feature whatever you want to call it, called The Sunday Round-up.

Basically you post about the happenings of your week 🙂 this is my first week starting it but if you would like to join in please leave a link to your post in the linky below and I will be sure to check it out 🙂


Feeisms | Sunday Round-Up

My Week  12/1 – 18/1

Jack is off school today. the wee guys eyelid was all swollen on his left eye so Lee too k hij to the Dr. He as got some creame and now it looks like the right eye is starting to swell up as well. The Dr reckons he has a wee sty on the underside of the lid. We will use the cream and see what happens of the next few days.

I also tried to tidy up the kids room…. emphasis on the tried!

We woke up to snow this morning! Wasn’t expecting that I can tell you ….

We had more snow overnight, and Max and Lucy were mesmerized by the snow falling when I got back from dropping Jack off at school.

And I spent most of the day gutting the kitchen, you can see progress shots over at Project Mommy

I went shopping with mum today to get some more sleepsuits for Lucy and Jack more school trousers. After the winter break he has sprouted and it had taken me this long to find trousers! Most places only have limited stock after the inital beginning of school in August time but finally manged to get some.

Today was Avon day, and a short order as kinda took Xmas off. Also had more snow!
Gutted the kitchen – again – it’s amazing how many time I seem to do it but don’t seem to get out the bit either. .

Went into town o get Lucy her first pair of shoes from Clarks. It’s like a rite if passage for kids finger their first shoes and measured form there. Kids shoes are expensive and her ones cost £32!

Mum also got her a buggy from Mothercare as an early birthday present. We are getting rid of the double buggy, and putting the icandy back in the loft, which means this one will fit downstairs and take up less room in the car(s).

Jack stayed at nana house so went over about 10am as usual today, and help mum clean and tidy some more. My good deed done!

How has your week been?


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