#BEsociety July Challenge – Day 16


16. Views on religion

My views will differ from yours.
I follow no religious path in any way shape or form and don’t believe in God.

What you believe, follow or do religious wise has no bearing on me, if we are friends I respect your views all I ask is you respect mine.
I know people with various religions – Hindu, Muslim, pagan, catholic, and not once have they tried to force their beliefs on me, it the people who say to me that I MUST believe in something or that my life is missing out because I don’t believe in God – to them I say, and pardon my french, Fuck Off!

Religion is the biggest cause of hatred and wars in the world today and also full of hypocritical people as well.

It’s all about rescpect.

You know I have tried to write this a dozen times for fear of offending people and I can’t make it any plainer, I have cut it short as there is so much I can say on this subject that I would definitely offend. And I don’t want that.


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