World cup fever….not!

So the world cup kicked off in Brazil last night, I missed the opening ceremony but been hearing it got absolutely slated! The first match was Brazil vs Croatia and somehow Brazil managed to score an own goal, Wtf?! Host country and you score an own goal….?

Anyway I am not a lover of football, in fact I despise it. I am so glad that Lee isnt a huge fan either or I would be a football widow for the next few weeks.

Scotland never made the cut for qualifing this year – no surprise there as we are shit team, but england as ususal did. And every time the world cup comes around, all we hear from them is how they won it waaaayyyyyyyyy back in 1966!
They havent won it since, I hasten to add, but boy do they love to drag it out and bring it up every four years!

This picture sums up how I feel about it:

Irn-bru by the is brilliant, it’s a great hangover cure as everyone in Scotland will tell you 🙂

Fair play to them though if they do get to the semi even the final, but if they win god we will never hear the end of it!

Are you following the world cup coverage or are you going to be a football widow?


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