What Do Your Kids Want From Their Home?

We all want our kids to have a great place to grow up, just like we did. And that means that many of us spend a lot of time thinking about what type of home environment is best. In other words, what should our homes be offering our kids? Let’s find out.


A Reading Room

Kids might not always be that keen on reading. But when given the right environment, they can thrive. A reading room is a great space for kids to develop their reading skills as well as get lost in a great book.

Of course, you can read virtually anywhere in the house. But separate reading rooms have become something of a trend recently. The idea is to provide children with a space distinct from other distractions in the house. Here you want to create a room that is both comfortable and focused. (And contains all their favourite books).





If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s entertainment. Whether it be high definition TV or video games, their interest never wanes. That’s why it can be worth upgrading your satellite dish to receive HD channels. You can increase the number of kid-friendly channels available to keep them entertained.

Also, if your kids have their own TV in a playroom, it’s often worth having it wall mounted. Wall-mounted TVs stay safely out of the way of marauding children.


Garden Space

Another significant consideration is garden space. If you’re about to move to somewhere larger, garden space is no doubt at the top of your list of priorities. Kids want garden space in which to play sports and generally make mayhem. And you want a space in which their mayhem-making can continue without destroying the house.

Make sure you choose a house that has enough space for things like a trampoline and badminton nets. You want to have enough room to be flexible. As your children’s tastes change, so too will how you use your garden.



A lot of parents underestimate the importance of routine in their kids’ lives. But routine is an essential way to build structure into the day and help them feel a part of the family. Your family routine can be pretty much anything. But most families try to schedule meals together.


Pet Space

It’s no secret that kids love animals. In fact, one of the first flashpoints for any adult-child relationship is usually the subject of pets.

If your family loves pets, try to make a space for pets and people to interact. Kids love to spend time with pets. And it’s nice to do it somewhere that is safe for both people and animals. They need to have a place where they can feed pets and interact with them safely.

If you have a dog, one cool idea is to put a dog bed near where children spend a lot of their time. This way, children, and animals can relax and hang out together. Science has shown that children who grow up around animals tend to have strong empathic skills.



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