Up with the birds…

I am so tired yet I have been up early with Lucy – I say early as in 7am which may not be early for some but it is for me 🙂

So far I have started cleaning the windows…


A job that very rarely gets done to be honest. But it is rather nice to be able to see out of the kitchen window for a wee while again. I am going to do the rest of the flat later on.

As you can see it is a gorgeous day outside, there is not a cloud in the sk, it’s just gone 9am and I am not sure what to do with the day.
It’s sunny days like this that I wish we had a garden so I could just let the kids out, I don’t want to impose on mum again and hate going over when she isn’t there. Her neighbors must be sick of us always being there in the harden, especially when they are wanting peace and quiet 🙁

Everywhere else is only accessible by car, which we need to preserve fuel at the moment. Only other option is the park but hate leaving Lucy in pram whilst I run about after Max, Jack is fine but I can’t and shouldn’t have to rely on him to look after Max just yet.

Too nice to stay indoors…

What are your plans for today?


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