Top Tips For A Stress-Free Family Holiday

Have you ever noticed that going on holiday can become more stressful than staying at home for a week? When the whole family is going with you, the packing alone can cause hair loss! Then there’s the long car journey to the airport, the difficulty with parking, and the queues at the terminal. Add a couple of funny tummies to the mix and you’ll be wishing you never bothered going.

Of course, there are a few clever tips to help you enjoy a stress-free family holiday. If you’re like me, you love the idea of a stress-free life. Just because it might be easier to avoid the hassle of a family life it doesn’t mean you should miss out. Instead, take a few of these tips with you so you can enjoy every second.

Start with the packing. Before you even head to the loft for the suitcases, sit down and write out a detailed list of what you might need. If you’re looking forward to some Costa Rica rainforest family trips, then pack light wet weather wear. If you’re going to a hot, dry climate, pack some wide brimmed hats for each of you. The journey each way can be long and tedious. Make sure your tablets are filled up with great movies, games and educational apps to while away the time.

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Your list should be packed too, so you can check off all of the items when you pack to leave. Whatever the weather, there are always essentials that you’ll need. Regular medicines should be in your hand luggage with your prescription details clearly visible. Sunscreen for all the family plus sunglasses will be needed. Hats will keep the rain as well as the sun off your head. Insect repellent is often a must too. Finally, put all your documents, visas, tickets and passports in a plastic bag.

Even if you don’t book them in advance, do check out all the tours, excursions and places of interest that will be available to you on holiday. Tours, in particular, can help you get the most out of your destination. Write each of them down on a piece of paper. You and the kids can take it in turns to pick one for each day of your holiday. It gives them things to look forward to and keeps you all active and busy on your break.


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Kids get tired. Then they get grumpy and may even misbehave. Preparing for this, and accepting it happens will help reduce the stress you experience from it. Have plenty of breaks along the way. Drink plenty of bottled water. And have their pyjamas at the top of their luggage! You could book transport each way in advance. And you might want to have room service deliver a meal each to the room when you arrive. Make it easy, and it will be stress-free.

Your holiday should be restful, relaxing, fun and easy to enjoy. But it may take a lot of work and preparation in advance to be that way! Have a great holiday.



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