#TheTue10 90. Things I’d love to be knowledgeable about

Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of #theTuesday10


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Things I’d love to be knowledgeable about

1. The Economy

I am no good at numbers but I would love to understand economics better as I find it fascinating how a country had money and where it all comes from.

2. Politics

A little like money I have no idea what it’s all about or why they do what they do.

3. How to cook

I can get by, but I would love to be able to rustle up a meal from the top of my head or from some fancy recipes without it being a disaster

4. Speak a foreign language

I would love to be able to learn a language and study it. Always been fascinated with Russian.

5. Music

I don’t have a musical bone in my body but I would love to be able to read music. That kinda fascinates me how the little notes and symbols mean stuff.

6. History

History was and still is a favorite of mine but I would love to delve back into it. Since leaving school I have “forgotten” most and would get it all back again.

7. Climate change

It’s a big thing, everyone is going ablution it yet I need to know more than the basics I have allowed myself to know.


Sure hubby would me to jump right on this one, but I just don’t understand it all so I definitely need to step up my game and learn some more about it.

9. Cars

Mine has a ton wrong with it recently, I think it would be good to know about cars do you don’t get ripped off lol

10. SEO

Another one hubby would love me too know about. I have had no need to worry about it, but I guess after all these years it might be time to start.




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