#thetue10 77. Me Time

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Today is all about what I enjoy doing on those rare moments I get me time, or even just some down time.

1. Reading
My biggest me time is reading, I read all day long thanks to my kindle app on my phone. Its a great escape for me.

2. World of Warcraft
I have been playing this for a few years now, since me and Lee have been together – he actually got me into it. We have recently just started playing again again and its great when we both get a moment to play together.

3. Relaxing bath.
This is a luxury for me and one that I don’t indulge in enough if you ask me. Getting a shower on my own is a feat in itself let alone a bath! On the occasions I do get peace to have one I like to have my candles on and the nice smelly bubbles and just relax.
I could stay in the bath for hours but now I am lucky if I last an hour.

4. Netflix
This is like reading to me. I can get sucked into a show and I love to watch it in bed when the kids are asleep. It’s good as I can usually can enjoy a whole series from start to the finale without  waiting for the next week’s episode.

5. Shopping
Ok I do actually indulge in this quite a bit as it happens, but never for myself. I am always shopping for the kids, food or house, but never for me. And never alone.
I would love to go shopping with a girlfriend or my mum, instead of always having the kids in tow.

Things I would love to do:

6. Sleep
I would love to spend the day in bed sleeping and watching tv and have a proper duvet day.

7. Spa
Have a spa day at least once a month to completely relax.

8. Get my nails done.
I don’t look after my nails at all but I would love to go and get them done and have a manicure.


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