@thebesociety Sept challenge day 7 – Death Note

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7. If someone handed you envelope containing the exact date and time of your death, would you open it? Why or why not?

Oh my we are getting morbid questions… I really should pay attention and spread them out when I make the next lot of prompts lol

Yes I would open it.

Why? I am not sure, mainly to do with the fact that I can plan to do things and get things in order before it happenes. Unless it’s that day after I get the letter then in screwed aren’t I? lol

In a way not knowing is better in some respects, but by knowing I guess it would give me the push to live life to the fullest, like I said in yesterdays post I know I should be doing that as it is…

Maybe I am just morbid…lol


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  • September 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Very interesting, I’m the total opposite.

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