@thebesociety Sept challenge day 5 –

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5. Lost Everything: What if you lost everything today? Write about what you would do.

I am trying it think of a scenario in my head to get the answer across that I want to give. I cant imagine being a in a situation where I would lose everything – and by the term everything I am taking it to mean material things like my home etc.

If I lost my family well I would probably kill myself.

As for material possessions and my home, yes I would be devastated at losing everything that we as a family have worked so hard to get. But also they are thing that can easily be replaced. Other than a house which would be the hardest thing to lose out of everything and more costly to replace, everything else is optional.

I honestly cant imagine losing our home in some sort of disaster like an earthquake or tidal wave etc, it doesn’t bear thinking about those that have lost everything to something like that.


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