The Tue 10 #51 – DIY projects

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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This maybe heavy on pin images 🙂

1. DIY marquee letters with string lights and 3d cardboard letters


(find the pin here)

2.  How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer



I really need to organise my make up at stuff in the bathroom and I love this idea

(find the pin here)

3.  DIY Poufs


(find the pin here)

Hubby wants me to make these for his baby photoshoots

4.  Floor cushions for the kids



(find the pin here)

These would be great for the kids, for sleeping on the floor or camping out at nana’s house.

5.  Learn to make my own clothes.

I am fed up not finding stuff that is right fit for me, or shrink after one wash

6. Decorate the house

Our house is in desprite need of painting! There is scuff marks on all the wall from the kids and general wear and tear. We moved in back in 2008 and three kids later it does need a little TLC.

7. Put pictures up on the walls

We have so many lovely pictures but we have hardly any up on the walls, I would love to get them framed and hung up – after we get the walls painted that is!

8. Fix the hot tap on our bath

This one is my bug bear but I have been living with for so long now it really is time to get it fixed. It takes ages to run a bath as to have it hot it basically comes out at slightly more than a trickle – you cant have it on full to fill the bath quick or it turns cold. Anyone know a good plumber? lol

9. Put shelves up in our room

Now we are in the smaller room, we could be doing with shelves for some of our stuff. Have the shelves in the loft just need to get them up!

10. Do all the things!

There are so many crafty DIY things that I would love to try that I am not even going to list right now 🙂


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