#SorceryCode [Book Review] The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales



The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales

** I received this book from the vendor in exchange for my honest review **

This is a very intricate, well developed and a somewhat fun read. 

We meet Blaze who is a highly skilled Sorcerer and he is trying to bring magic to everyone in the world not just the select group. In this land there are three classes of people, the Sorcerers at the very top, the soldiers who guard the sorcerers, and then there is the common folk. Blaze believes that magic should be available to everyone so he sets about to make this happen. What he didn’t expect was to create a “woman”! He names her Gala after his mother and there is no denying that there is going to be some romance between them. 

I loved how the story intermingles with the other characters, Gala was brilliant and I just loved her view on the world, Augusta who is Blaze ex fiancée was just written in perfect the way to annoy you but still love her character in a way.

The story got me hooked even though I wasnt really sure what to expect, and I loved the magical world that Zales has created and for all I am not one to read much of this genre it was definitely a brilliant read and I cant wait to read volume 2! 

5 stars

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