[Review – Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel


** Disclosure: I received a Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel free of charge for the purpose of this review. This does not alter my opinion of the product in any way. This post may also contain affiliate links, that I will make a small commission on if you make a purchase. **



I have been using this for a few weeks now and I have to say that I am extremely happy with it, I have noticed a huge difference on the dark circles under my eyes,they are definitely less dark.

According to the directions:
Dab around the eyes, forehead and cheek area. Can be used as an all over face treatment. Safe to use morning and night. Can be used under makeup.

A little of this stuff does goes a long long way. As I am only using to help combat my dark circles I can see this lasting for a long time before I need to purchase a new one. 

 The first time I used it I pressed a little to hard on the pump and it gave me too much out, but now I am more gentle when I push it and get just the right amount. It has a nice cucumber scent which is really mild, and it doesn’t leave the skin tacky – in fact it dries in quite quick. 

I have incorporated this into my daily routine now and would definitely recommend it to anyone with dark circles.



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