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Four Seasons Spiralizer Spiral Vegetable Slicer

I have a large spiralizer at the moment that I currently use, but I was looking for something a little more compact and less time consuming to set up. The Four Seasons Spiralizer is certainly a compact spiralizer.

In the box you get
• Four Season Spiral Vegetable slicer
• Vegetable peeler
• Cleaning brush

There are no instructions within the box and those that are on the side could be doing with being a bit more clearer, I am going to honest I was a little stumped on my first use of it as it wasn’t initially clear.


The handle part at the top pulls apart to reveal a spiked base which you use to grip your veggies to – I found this to be useless at turning the veg and instead did it by hand. The green section where the blades are situated is essentially designed like a giant pencil sharpener – I found this design to hinder the veg I wanted to use without pre cutting it into a wedge shape. Cucumber was just too soft to use but I found carrots to be better and the right shape. I did not manage to get long strands very often, and the cucumber just mushed up.


The spiralizer has two different size blades though I did not notice much difference between them and it is really easy to switch between them by simply pulling the green section out and turning it 180deg. The additional peeler at first look seems quite cheap and flimsy but the blade is very sharp and surprisingly sturdy to use.

Overall I am happy with the Spiralizer, I just feel limited to its use without doing a lot of prep work prior – my current one I can use the veg as is – It is really compact and you can store it anywhere in your kitchen and it is really sturdy.

3 stars

** I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This does not alter my opinion in any way **


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