[Review] AVANTEK MM35 In-Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter



AVANTEK MM35 In-Car Universal Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Adapter

I recently purchased a new car and have had no way of listening to music from my phone any more as my car doesn’t have an aux capacity fitted and I have been looking for a transmitter that would allow me to connect and play music from my phone.

This one arrived in a little box, inside you get the FM transmitter, aux cable, remote control, spare fuse and an instruction leaflet. It is really easy to set up – simply plug the transmitter into your cigarette lighter and it will power up and it will displays a frequency on its LCD screen, you then simply tune your radio into that frequency and attach the aux cable to the transmitter and your phone.- I have had to purchase a longer cable as where my phone dash holder is situated from the transmitter the one provided is too short – however I just put my phone next to transmitter until the longer cable arrived. You may need to change the frequency that is displayed but for me it was fine, however it is really easy to select a new frequency, all you need to do is press the CH button to enter the frequency adjustment mode and select a new one.7162gZk8BmL


You can also play music from a usb stick or sd card and it can also charge your phone whilst playing music. I haven’t personally used the remote control as I dont deem that to be safe to use when driving but certainly it really only for passengers to use and my son has discovered it and now he can switch songs he doesn’t like and I cant stop him 🙂

* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *


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