Positively negative

I have been a little mia these few weeks, a blogging lull and dealing with some crap will do that to anyone.

As most of you know after Lucy was born, I decided to get the contraceptive coil fitted rather than have my tubes tied. I got it fitted almost a year ago, and it has given me nothing but extremely heavy periods – which is weird as the one I have is supposed to alleviate heavy periods, so go figure. Mine have been torturing me since I got it, so imagine my shock when I missed a period.

Yeah I am well aware that the coil stops your periods but after months of heavy periods to suddely have them stop got me worried.

Never have I been so glad to see a negative test!

But I still didn’t feel right I had symptoms – tiredness, tender breasts, and heartburn – which I never suffer from unless I am pregnant!

I went to the Dr today and he confirmed a negative test so I am definitely not pregnant, so I guess my body is messing with me with the symptoms…. But I was more concerned as I have been having the most intense cramps the past two days so much so that I was doubled over with the pain on Monday.

He sent me home with stronger painkillers and the advice that the coil may finally be kicking in and stopping my periods which I hope is the case! But to keep an eye out in the pain.

Seriously – I hate being a woman sometimes.


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