Nursery graduate

Yesterday was my oldest son last day at nursery, after the summer he starts primary 1!
How did that happen, it seems like only yesterday he was starting pre-school and now he is finished! He actually finished up a little early due to us going away on holiday, so I wasn’t sure what would happen.


Poor wee guy though, I dropped him off at 12:30pm as usual then was just in the door at home no more than 5 min when I get a call from the teacher asking to come and collect him.


He had fallen and skint both his knees, which he was fine and brave about but I think the shock hit him and that was what him sick :/

His teacher gave me his wee graduation certificate, a book and some bubbles for him. I almost shed a tear (in fact I did tear up) when we were leaving. My wee boy is getting so big and he is my first going through all this.


He has grown up so much since his first day, and he is so tall – the tallest in his class!

I am so proud of my wee guy, and can’t wait to see how much he grows in school.


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