My Guide to a Great Skincare Routine


Everybody needs a great skincare routine. The earlier you start to take care of your skin, the better. You’ll give it the nourishment it needs to glow and look its best, while making sure you preserve your youth for longer too. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so you should make sure you start looking after it as soon as possible. My guide to a great skincare routine should help you:


Cleanse Twice a Day

Cleansing should be done twice a day, usually once in the morning and once at night. Both are equally as important. The morning cleanse gets rid of any excess sebum that has been produced throughout the night, and helps your day products to go on properly. The night cleanse gets rid of bacteria that may have accumulated throughout the day. If you go to the gym at any point, you should cleanse after that. You shouldn’t use a wash any more than twice though, as it could strip your skin and cause it to produce excess oil/spots.


Double Cleanse After Wearing Makeup

Makeup can clog the pores deep down, so it’s wise to do a double cleanse after wearing. The first will get rid of surface dirt, while the second will cleanse deep down. You’ll feel the difference when you start doing this!


Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are not enough alone, but they still have a place in your routine. They can be used before cleansing to get rid of most of the surface makeup, and can be used to freshen up throughout the day.


Tone Twice a Day

Toning should be done after cleansing, twice a day. This helps to get rid of anything that may be left over after cleansing, closes the pores, and balances the skin’s PH.


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Moisturise Twice a Day

You should moisturise after toning, preferably with something that contains SPF. SPF helps to protect skin and keep it healthy. I like to use a light morning moisturiser, and a thick night time moisturiser to sink in while I sleep.


Exfoliate Twice a Week

You can alter the amount you exfoliate your face to suit you – it depends on how sensitive your skin is. Most people can get away with twice, but if you’re sensitive you may need to only do it once. Exfoliating encourages blood flow, and reveals glowing new skin.


Apply a Face Mask Once a Week

Apply a face mask once a week to cleanse deep down, plump up the skin, add moisture, and more. Get into a routine of using the same mask and it should make a big difference.


Have a Salon Treatment Once a Month

Set a small budget aside to treat yourself to a facial treatment once a month. It depends on what your goals are; some treatments will hydrate, while others will smooth out the skin. Treatments like the silhouette facelift help to firm the skin without surgery. Book a consultation at a salon you like so you can be advised on something that suits you.


Drink Lots of Water Every Day

The more water you drink, the better. Try to get 3 litres a day. Some people go for a gallon! It’ll make a big difference to your body, mind, and appearance.


Put these steps into practice and you’ll love the results!


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