Micro Monday – Feel like crap.

I almost missed my daily post today! Not on your nelly, I have been really good so far.

Any how as my title suggests, I am feeling like crap today. Everyone else in the house has had some form of a bug this past 3/4 weeks and now it has finally caught up with me!

So far it’s just the sore throat and general aches hope it doesn’t amount to much else, as unfortunately I don’t get any sick days off!

I need to get my Tuesday 10 post organised for tomorrow, but I am just do drained that I am going to do it the morning, unless I get peace to get on with it now .. we will see.

Might jusr take advantage of an early night (9.30 pm here) since everyone is asleep! Unheard off at this time, so yeah I going to join them.


Hope you all have a great evening!


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