#MealPlanningMonday 2nd-8thMay

Oh my for ever reason last weeks meal plan went totally out of the window! We have a new change to our afterschool schedule with Max starting music lesson on a Thursday between 5-6 and then Lucy at cubs 7-8:30 so I am trying to tweak what is the quickest options to have on this day – probably pizzas are the way to do – though last week we have a chippy after his lesson as there was one near where the class was held but that made it a rush for Lucy to eat before heading out!

Salmon and broccoli / vegan meatballs and past for Jack
(he doesn’t like the salmon and actually requested these meatballs!)

Pasta Bake / nuggets for Max

Thai Noodle Soup

Toasties (various fillings per person request lol)

Fish Fingers and chips

(vg next to a meal denotes that is vegan friendly or can be made vegan)

For me this week I really need to lay off the junk food and crisps! Salads, ramen, and vegan sausages are on the list for me, and hopefully less crisps – they are my weakness though.


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