Meal plan w/c 16/11/15 #mealplanningmonday


Well after several, scrap that almost a month of not doing a meal plan we have finally and I hope to be sayign this for the last time – we have finally settled on doing it right and STICKING TO IT!

I am fed up with spending a ton of money on food and with 5 mouths to feed it does add up. Everything is expensive at the moment and we do waste a lot of food – I hate to admit that, but its true.

Lee got me a cookbook – like I need another one – A Girl Called Jack by Jack Monroe – I remember reading her blog back in the day and this book serves as a budget meal plan with exciting meals.

I picked 5 meals from the book to make this week and went through my cupboard to see what we already has herb and spice wise as I knew the bulk of the money would go to stocking up those first before it all evened out. Turns out we had quite a lot of what is used in practically every recipe and I only need to by 3 that we didn’t have – I went with dried as fresh not only was it expensive it wouldn’t last long (i killed a cactus for gods sake!)

 My total food bill for the meals was:



So what is on the plan for this week!

Monday: Vegetable Masala Curry

Tuesday: Salmon and Pasta

Wednesday: Brie and Bacon Risotto

Thursday: Sort of Paella

Friday: Moroccan not-a-tagine


Not a single piece of meat – apart from the small amount of bacon in tomorrows dinner – and I cant wait to try them all out, and get the kids eating veggies!!! Most things were value range and tinned, but hey need must!

I am hoping they will taste nice and I am determined to work my way through the book to find what works for us and what we like etc. If I can keep my meal shop to £20 or to feef 5 people I will be a happy bunny,

Obviously that doenst take into account nappies and other things we need to buy, but only down to Lucy in nappies now and looking for potty train her now that Max is there.

Wish me luck and I hope to keep better track of the weekly spending on food etc over the next coming weeks – I need to find a system that works.



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