Kids Trashed The Bathroom? Here Are Some Budget Friendly Fixes


There are some things in life that you take your eye off from the moment you have children. A neat and tidy home is, without a doubt, one of them. One minute you and your partner are living happily, cleanly, and tidily, you have kids, and then all of a sudden it’s five years later, and you realise your home looks like a bomb has hit it.

One of the biggest problem areas is the bathroom. Those nightly baths, all the splashing, toothpaste stains and ripped wallpaper will all, eventually, take their toll. And the horrifying thing about realising your bathroom is trashed is that you think you are going to have to spend a fortune to fix it.

However, it needn’t cost you your life’s savings to make the few simple adjustments needed to get your bathroom back on track. I’m going to take you through a few budget-friendly options that you can use – at least until the kids grow up, and you can guarantee they won’t create chaos again! Read on to find out more.



A lick of paint

It costs peanuts to buy enough paint to freshen up your bathroom. And whether you are painting over wallpaper or your previous paintwork, it will give you an instant improvement. Just remove anything hanging and use plenty of masking tape and dust sheets to ensure your handywork doesn’t end up on your bathroom tiles and units.

A new set of taps

Sinks often take a bruising when you have young children, and by the time they are all a little older they might look to be beyond saving. But unless you have chips or cracks in your sink, it only needs a good clean and some new taps to make an instant improvement. Similarly, there are a huge range of bath taps to suit any bath, too, and they can really make a big difference when it comes to adding a little glamour. And the price of a few small fixture changes is minuscule in comparison to blowing a fortune on an entirely new bathtub.



A tile and sealant refresh

Again, unless your tiles or bath sealant are beyond repair, there’s no need to fork out for a newly tiled bathroom and splash area. It only takes some grout cleaner – or remover – and a little elbow grease and your tiles will look as good as new. If you do have a cracked tile, see if you can find a replacement. There are plenty of DIY tiling guides out there that will show you what to do. It’s the same principal with the sealant that is around your bathtub. It’s not a good look when the sealant gets grubby and moldy, but it only takes a few minutes with a sharp knife to remove it and then it’s just a case of adding some new silicone.

A wire rack storage selection 

Finally, look at getting wire racking for storing away your kid’s bathroom things. Part of the problem with storing away wet bathroom stuff is that it gets all musty and mildewy, whereas wire racking helps everything dry out quicker. It’s cheap as chips, too, and you can hang it or stand it anywhere you have space. Let me know how you get on!




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