I hate pyjamas!

Every year at Christmas I get pyjamas.
And every year I love them and wear them, then every year when I wash them for the first time they shrink.

Without fail.


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I mean, how hard is for a company to make clothes that will not shrink, do they not test these kinds of things? Obviously not in my case.

Maybe I am just too particular in what length I like my pjs but above my ankle is not an option for me, it’s annoying when I can feel it graze along above my ankle bone and I am looking what like can only be described as an orphan wearing clothes too small for them.

Some don’t shrink as bad, and I can still wear the trousers but most I have had to get rid of the bottoms and keep the tops as they don’t shrink in too bad. However, long sleeve ones are the worst.

Maybe I should just not wash them, like ever but that would just be disgusting.

Or maybe I should just invest in a nightdress instead? But is that too granny-ish?

I have been looking and most do look like something you gran would wear, or are some sort of satin skimpy cyanide thing that is clearly for people who have a great sex life and no kids – why is there no happy medium?

I do like this one from BHS and its only £12, it’s plain and comes in other colours and to be fair is the only happy medium I could find that was what I had in mind.


I need to have a proper look, I know I have some lovely ones on etsy but they are a bit expensive.

The search starts now…

*by the way the links are not affiliated they are just me looking and sharing what I like.*


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