Here’s How I’m Going To Keep My Family Christmas Healthy This Year

The weather has confirmed it. We are definitely into Autumn and rapidly heading toward Christmas! I think all the kids are going to love it this year. Jack has already written out his gift choices for Santa. For me, I know I’ve got a busy time lined up. I’m not always a big fan of this time of year, but with the kids around, I am going to make a mega effort! First things first – the Christmas dinner.


I know that all the rich foods of Christmas are a little bit much for tiny tummies. I’m not too sure they’re good for my waistline either. I’ve worked hard to get my body back after pregnancy and I’m not about to blow it on a single day of gluttony! I haven’t yet got the final numbers for the Christmas dinner party. I’m sure there will be some grandparents or aunties around somewhere. But I have already started to plan the meal.


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I love roasting meats but this year I think I will stick with the turkey. We haven’t got the biggest home, but if I keep myself organised, I’m pretty sure I can manage with the work space we’ve got. I’m still not entirely convinced that goose fat basting makes the best flavour for the turkey. It’s certainly not the healthiest choice. My instinct is telling me to try olive oil. It can be thickened a for rubbing with a little rock salt and a little amount of flour. I can add a tiny splash of Tabasco and finely chopped parsley and thyme to add extra flavour.


Roast potatoes aren’t the healthiest option either. Baking the potato without it sitting in an inch of oil might be the better option. Alternatively, keeping the potato big reduces how much oil you end up with. If you slice them to bake, they can end up a bit crispy. My other vegetables will probably be steamed. On a cold Christmas day, you will definitely need the extractor fan on and a window open, though.


The cakes and sweet treats that come with Christmas are great fun in moderation. I think the kids will get enough chocolates and things in their stockings and advent calendars! Smaller versions of classic Christmas food works well for portion control. Mini Yule logs are quite easy to find in packets, but if you can make them fresh, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on the sugar content.


I like to open all the gifts after dinner, but with kids around I know they’ll be straight into the pile of presents before breakfast! I’ve found some unique gift ideas and gifts already. It’s better than just buying tins of biscuits and boxes of chocolates. I like the idea of giving the kids something different that other kids might not have. It’s great fun to surprise older relatives with novelty gifts too.


Keeping Christmas simple is one of the best ways to keep the calories down this year. You don’t have to cut anything out, just go for smaller portions cooked in a healthier way. If you’ve got children, rich foods could end up with too many trips to the loo! Have a very happy Christmas.



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