Hello February & Goals

Wow February already, I am going to write off January and have a do over with this month.

This months is going to be a good one I think – it is Lee’s 40th birthday and I am taking him away for a few days on the 8th to Isle of Skye! He is so over the moon about it, and I am glad as I really didn’t know what to get him for his birthday, he hates surprises so I haven’t planned a party and he wants nothing so taking him away to the Skye is just perfect. He will be in his element with the beautiful scenery and have the weekend to take lots of photos.

So here is what I want to achieve in February 2019

Home Goals

—> Meal Plan
I keep meaning to stick to this, I honestly dont know why it is so easy for me to fail at this one, but we are wasting food, and in turn spending a fortune on food. So my goal is to make a meal plan, stick to it and get an Asda delivery organised each week. Not only in doing will I know what food is coming and when, I will not be tempted to overspend by ordering online.

—> Delcutter more
I am making a very small dent on the amount of stuff we have in the house. But to look at it you wouldnt know that things have been leaving the house, we are still drowing in clutter and stuff.
I have binge watched the Marie Kondo show on Netflix, read countless organisation blogs and just started the TeamTOMM cleaning schedule so hope to be clutter free completely by the end of the year.

—> Get on top of cleaning
As I said above I have found the Team TOMM method from The Organised Mum , it’s not that I don’t know HOW to clean, I just I get so overwhelmed with everything that needs doing in the house. There are 5 of us and it’s ONLY me that does anything remotely around the place to tidy up. The kids see it as boring, mind you Lucy is good – sometimes – at helping me and the oldest just wants money for doing a “chore”.

Online Goals

—> Blog more!
I seem to struggle with what to write, get overwhelmed by other blogs and generally stress that mine is not good enough to warrant posts. But I do have lots of ideas just not the motivation to follow there through. So motivation is key for this one to work!

—> Increase Social Media
If I am planning on boosting the blog posts around here, I really need to up my game on my social media accounts. I am pretty active on Instagram, though no where near enough. Also I am planning on doing more inta-stories.

What are your goals for this month?


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  • February 2, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    These are incredible goals!! You can do this!!

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