Happy Thursday!

What a difference a new mattress makes right?

We finally bought a new mattress and it arrived yesterday and I could not wait to get to bed and have a decent night sleep for a change and hopefully wake up without a sore back! Our old one was one that we got from Ikea not long after we moved into our flat and it is at least 8 years old,  think you are supposed to replace them like every 8-10 years depending. Anyhow ours really need replaced at least 4 years ago! 

The one we got is a silent night memory foam and what a difference you can feel even just sitting on it! I said to lee it was like sleeping on a cloud when I got up this morning, with a pain free back! Also better when sexy time is involved 😉 😉


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Max has settled really well into nursery, which I am supper happy about – I dropped him off today at 12:20 and he was saying in the car how excited he was to see his new friends *heart melts*

After I dropped him off I went to see mum with Lucy and headed to B & M to get some new fitted sheets for the new mattress as the one we currently have seem to be too small for it… it is thicker I have to admit. Mum treated me to a KFC for lunch and I got the All Star Box that in the UK has a flaming hot wrap, popcorn chicken and chips (for £2.99) and it was bloody good!

Not really done much else this evening other than work my way through KonMari book and trying to play a game I  bought from Steam called Dark Falls: Lost Souls, but it keeps freezing on me so I have given up for the night then remembered I needed to post today!

I am doing pretty well at blogging everyday so far…. I have noticed my schedule didnt post the past two days so updated that plugin and should be good to go from now on.

Just a rambling post today but better than nothing 🙂


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